Tips on What to Do if You Get Whiplash from an Accident in Fort Worth

    Whiplash brain injury: it damages your brain more than you think. Many incidences can cause whiplash and brain injury. Some of the most common ones are car crashes and falls. People are now aware that some sports, such as football, can cause long-term brain damage. Other cases involve horseback riding, amusement rides, and motorcycle accidents. If you have been involved in an accident and ended up with whiplash, contacting a Fort Worth brain injury attorney is a good idea, even if you feel like you are getting better.

    Life-Altering Changes

    If the injury is impacting your life and work, you might be able to receive a settlement. Whiplash can cause a storm of bills from hospitals, doctors, physical therapists, and pharmacies. The medical bills are the immediate ramifications, but some individuals will continue to have life-altering issues from the accident.


    The first symptoms of whiplash are typically neck or back pain, dizziness, and headaches. Some people may suddenly appear absent-minded or confused. Their memory might be fuzzy, and they may struggle to express themselves verbally. Victims of whiplash can develop vision problems. If an individual’s emotions become erratic, it may be a signal that the brain is damaged. At first, families may not be aware that whiplash is causing these physical and cognitive problems.

    Whiplash Brain Injury: It Damages Your Brain More Than You Think

    Any head injury can have lasting effects, and often, the problems are not immediately evident. If you have been in an accident and sustained whiplash, consult with a Fort Worth brain injury attorney to protect yourself and your family. For more information, visit Van Wey, Metzler & Williams, PLLC today.

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