Tips for Making Trade Show Exhibit Booths Stand Out

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Events

Trade shows are a great place for you to network with other businesses and to reach out to a highly targeted audience. However, many other similar businesses are thinking the exact same thing you are. Therefore, you need to make sure your booth stands out from the trade show exhibit booths around you so it can draw a larger number of visitors to your business. There are certain things you can do to entice people to visit your booth.

Proper Lighting

When people browse the various booths, they want to be able to see the information located within them more easily. While there are plenty of overhead lights in the halls in which these shows are held, it often isn’t enough. Using a large number of lights, including decorative lights, can draw more people to your booth because it will be flashy and more noticeable among the other booths around it.

Be Outgoing

Most people who visit trade show exhibit booths want to learn as much as possible about the business inside. Therefore, you need to make sure your booth is staffed with the most outgoing people in your company. If your booth offers only people who are shy and not willing to strike up a conversation with those who enter the booth, the information isn’t likely to get across. Many of your visitors need to be pulled out of their shells to interact with you.

Go Interactive

Another great way to bring people to your booth instead of those around you is to provide them with interactive features. Set up a game that allows those who visit your booth to win prizes for answering questions or performing certain other tasks. When you focus on engaging your audience, they will end up spending more time in your booth. In addition, it will draw in more people to your booth so you can have an even greater impact at the trade show.

As you are working on your next trade show, you need to know what you can do to make your booth stand apart from the other trade show exhibit booths. To make sure your booth stands out, you should use plenty of lighting for aesthetic appeal and visibility. You should also staff the booth with outgoing employees and choose interactive options so you can draw in more visitors and keep them in your booth for a longer period of time.

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