Tips for Hiring the Best Company for Air Conditioning Service in Huntsville, AL

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Servicing an air conditioning unit on a regular basis may keep a home from having to endure uncomfortable summer months. An air conditioner that is not routinely serviced can increase the likelihood of an entire unit replacement due to malfunctions. It is important to contact a professional for Air Conditioning Service in Huntsville, AL each year to prevent any issues.


Hiring a professional is essential for ensuring the unit is repaired properly; as there are many steps required. Lack of experience and training is a sure way of making small problems, large ones. The following are a few of the important steps a professional must take for Air Conditioning Service in Huntsville, AL.

Common Steps for Servicing an Air Conditioner

  • Cleaning the air conditioning unit coils
  • Verifying the unit’s thermostat is working properly
  • Checking the motor is working as it should
  • Checking the unit’s drain lines
  • Inspecting the motor and verifying that it is running properly
  • Ensuring the unit has proper operating pressures and temperatures

Hiring the Right Professional

When looking for a reputable company for servicing an air conditioning unit, there are certain criteria that should be met to ensure a quality job. The following area few tips on what to look for in an air conditioner repair and servicing company.

  • Question. Ask the professionals any questions that may arise. Questions may include how quickly the job can be completed? what type of equipment will be used? and whether financing options are available.
  • Referrals. Individuals should ask their family and friends for a recommendation on who is best for the job. Another sure way to verify whether the company in question is reputable is to look online at different company pages such as Facebook, and review websites. Look for any complaints filed against the company.
  • Writing. It is important that any company in question provides its information such as financial quotes, in writing.

Finding the best technician for servicing a home’s air conditioning unit may feel overwhelming at times, but it does not have to be. Researching companies ahead of time and asking for references can save a homeowner their time and energy of having to choose a company. For more information, contact Corbin’s Your Indoor Air Quality Specialist.

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