Tips for Better Home Theater Sound from High End Speaker Brands

Once you’ve decided to upgrade your home theater system, there are many options available to you concerning high end speaker brands and types of speaker systems. When it comes to any type of home theater speaker system, it’s essential to properly set up your components to allow them to perform to the best of their abilities. Consider these vital tips for setting up your audio system.
Navigate the Setup Menu
Every receiver comes complete with a setup menu, but if you’ve never explored the setup menu options, your sound may not be up to par. During setup, it’s important to select the speaker size, whether small, mid-sized or large for both the left and right speakers, center speaker, and surround speakers. Adjust the sound for each speaker by ear to get the best sound possible for your home theater system.
Double Check All Cables
It can be easy to mix up cables when you have an abundance sitting behind your receiver. Double check that all cables are in their proper places and that the test tones when testing your audio equipment are coming from the intended speakers.
Optimize Speaker Placement
High end speaker brands should be placed with the tweeters at ear level. This may require putting the speakers on a stand or bracket to achieve improved sound quality. Speakers should also not be put into corners or too close to rear walls. If a speaker is within 18 inches of a corner, angle it away from the corner and towards the listener.
Purchased Matched Speakers
If you’re current set of speakers are old, damaged, or are not a matching set, it may be time to upgrade to a matched package. Having a matched speaker set will offer a more cohesive sound which is far better for your home theater system.
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