Three Popular Features of Smart Garage Doors in Lincoln Park

    If you have lived in your home for a long time, it’s probably time to consider garage door installation in Lincoln Park. Not only is your door old and ready to break, but it’s also probably out of date in terms of its technology too. You should consider adding a smart garage to your home.

    Smart garages represent the latest technology in garage doors. If you are getting ready to sell your home, they are very attractive to prospective buyers. They also have a number of great features if you plan to use them, including the following.

    1. Remote Control – One of the best features of smart garage doors is the ability to control them remotely via your smartphone or tablet. Just log in and you can close or open the door at any time via Wi-Fi. This eliminates the fear of leaving it open while you go on vacation or are at work all day.

    2. Automatic Reversal – This is the number one safety feature on the garage. It uses sensors to determine if something is in the path of the garage door. It will then immediately reverse the door’s path if it senses something is in the way. This almost eliminates the prospect of someone being crushed by the door. Definitely have this added when you get garage door installation in Lincoln Park.

    3. Lights – Your garage is a common place for break-ins. Add a motion-sensor system to it that will turn lights on anytime someone comes too close to it at night.

    Robert’s Garage Door Professionals of Chicago has a number of expert technicians that can help you with a smart garage door.

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