Things to consider when buying a digital camera

The last 15 years have seen a rapid rise in digital camera technology, making the days of film and film developing nearly obsolete. A photographer now can take a picture; view it instantly, edit it, store it and print it, all without leaving home. It can be rather complicated to choose the right camera for your needs, which is the primary reason for web sites that review digital cameras; they help in pointing to factors that may have an impact on the camera and accessories that you ultimately end up buying.

One of the principle concerns when buying a digital camera is price. Entry level digital cameras cost in the $100 to $200 range but these cameras do not offer all the features and they may not result in the best image due to the low grade lenses. At the other end of the spectrum are entry-level professional cameras that start at $600 and quickly go well above $1,000. Unless the user is a professional photographer, these high-end cameras usually have far more features than will ever be used. When you review a digital camera, and if you’re just a user, you may want to look at cameras that are in the $300 to $600 range, they have a nice range of features that are acceptable to novices and seasoned users.

As well as the price, consider the way the camera will be used. People who enjoy the outdoors and do a lot of hiking will want a camera that is shockproof, water resistant and can take pictures in variable lighting conditions. People who have young children may gravitate towards a digital camera that features excellent video capabilities. A novice that wishes to pursue photography as a hobby may want to purchase a camera with certain professional features such as removable and interchangeable lens for many different effects.

Young people are likely to prefer a lightweight pocket camera so they can carry it with them wherever they go. The lightweight models that can fit in a handbag and close up tight when turned off are ideal companions at parties and for those times when an impromptu get-together occurs. For people who enjoy setting up a shot perfectly, then a camera of this magnitude will be disappointing.

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