Things to Consider before Buying a Portable Trade Show Display

    When you participate in trade shows, you have many things to consider. You want an exhibit that portrays your company’s image well and offers easy access to your product or service information, while enticing consumers to come visit your booth. A common choice among businesses is the portable trade show display because of its ease of use and lower expense. Before you purchase or rent your exhibit, learn what you should consider.


    Just like a larger exhibit, the portable display should be fully customizable, enabling you to create the exact look and experience you want for your visitors. You don’t want a cookie-cutter display you might find at other vendor exhibits. You want to be able to stand apart from the crowd. Look for a company that offers complete customization in terms of colors, fabrics and even features to ensure you get exactly what you want.


    When you choose the portable trade show display, you are likely doing so for its ease of transport and storage. This does not mean you cannot add accessories to your exhibit. Sometimes the accessories are what makes you stand apart from the rest. Talk with the company you plan on purchasing your exhibit from about the various accessories available, including lights, kiosks or literature holders.

    Type of Packaging

    It might seem odd to worry about the packaging in which your exhibit is sent to you, but it will have a major bearing on your future. If it is shipped in a package that is not reusable, you will have to find something on your own, adding to your expense and the difficulty of the display. In addition, the packaging should contain directions to help you put it away easily, without suddenly finding extra pieces that do not have a place, leaving you in a scramble when you are packing up after a show.

    Participating in a trade show is one of the best ways to get the name and the mission of your company out in the open. Before you purchase from just any company, you should take the time to determine how to find the best portable trade show display. Pay close attention to the design, available accessories and the type of packaging to ensure your exhibit is one that is functional and enables you to increase your leads and hopefully your sales in the long run.

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