The Ways a Dallas Private Investigator Can Help with Child Custody

If you suspect your ex isn’t a good person to be caring for your children, you can often feel stuck. Approaching the courts with verbal allegations without proof will cause you to look like a disgruntled ex who is trying to keep the children away from the other parent. This is why it is important to hire a Dallas private investigator to help you with your case so you can actually prove your allegations.
GPS Tracking
When you hire a private investigator to help you with your child custody case, he will be able to track every movement your ex makes. With the help of GPS tracking, the private investigator will keep a list of where your ex goes so you can find out if he is going to unsafe areas of the city or find out just what he is up to when the children are with him. This information alone may not be effective, but it can help when combined with other proof.
Photos are one of the best ways for you to prove just what your ex is doing that is detrimental to the welfare of your children. A Dallas private investigator will follow your ex around and take still photos and sometimes video that will be able to show that your allegations are true and aren’t something you are making up in an attempt to keep the children from their other parent. If these photos are taken correctly, they can be used in court to prove your point.
A private investigator will be able to look at all your ex’s records to determine if he is a threat to your children. Criminal records may be public record, but there is more than a criminal history you need to worry about. The investigator will look at cell phone and Internet records to find out if there is anything your ex is doing that can be harmful to your children.
Many parents have gone into court to try to take children away from the other parent. For this reason, most courts will not act upon allegations unless there is clear evidence of those allegations and the risk of harm they pose to the children involved. The right Dallas private investigator will be able to help you gather the evidence you need through GPS tracking, photos and records. With the right evidence, you can show the court your concern for your children is real.