The Types of Eyelid Lifts That Can Improve Your Appearance And Vision

    Some people view cosmetic surgery as a type of procedure that only serves to stroke the ego, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, many procedures have long-lasting benefits to the individual’s physical and emotional health. The following guide shows how an eyelid lift in Glenview can help you look your best and see better.

    Upper Eyelid Surgery
    In this type of procedure, the surgeon reshapes the upper eyelid. This is necessary because the upper lid tends to droop with age, affecting the individual’s appearance and their ability to see well. The result is a more rounded eye with an increased field of vision.

    Lower Eyelid Surgery
    During this procedure, the surgeon reshapes the lower eyelid to smooth out the area around each eye. This process is helpful in reducing or eliminating wrinkles. It can also help to eliminate the baggy eyes that can make you appear sleepy or stressed. While this procedure may not do much to improve vision, it does have positive impacts on emotional health by helping people look younger and more vibrant.

    Double Eyelid Surgery
    When you undergo this type of eyelid lift in Glenview, the surgeon will create a fold in your upper eyelid to help create a rounder, broader opening for the eye. This is the procedure most often referred to when speaking about eyelid lifts because it produces the best look for the eye. It brings a broader field of vision to the individual, helping to improve their peripheral vision.

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