The Top 3 Qualities that Make Up the Best Chicago River Cruise

    Going on a tour of the Chicago River should be a memorable experience. Ensure that you have a good experience by scheduling the right cruise for your party. Here are the top three qualities that make up the best Chicago River cruise.

    Experienced and Knowledgeable Guides

    There’s a lot that you and the other guests on a Chicago River cruise can learn about Chicago with the right tour guide. The best Chicago River cruise includes an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide who knows how to engage the audience and make the information entertaining.

    Tour Options

    Chicago has so much so offer that it’s difficult for one tour to cover everything. Find a company that offers several different types of tours so that you can go on the tour that most appeals to your guests. You will find architecture tours, historical landmark tours, and many more.

    Quality Boats

    For the best experience, you want a boat that provides the luxury promised by the boat tour company. The boats should be modern and clean. They should also provide plenty of seating for guests and allow guests to enjoy the fresh air or find cover in the case of rain or high winds.

    Customer Service

    You may need help from the boat tour company if planning a large corporate event or wedding. You’ll want a company that provides quality customer service to answer your questions during the planning process.

    Visit the Chicago’s First Lady to book the best Chicago River cruise.

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