The Primary Importance of Undergoing a Digirad Exam in California

    As you get older, you want to take the best care of your health as possible. You want to protect your internal organs and bypass the onset of serious diseases that can shorten your life.

    Part of taking good care of your health involves undergoing regular medical tests. You can protect your heart and might avoid or delay the onset of heart disease by undergoing a procedure like a Digirad exam in California.

    Detecting Early Onset Heart Disease

    When you undergo this type of procedure, you may be able to detect the early onset of heart disease. You might feel fine and display no outward symptoms of it. However, your heart might already be accumulating plaque and strain that can lead to serious symptoms like pain and chest tightness.

    The exam lets your doctors know what kind of treatment is needed, if any, to address your early onset of heart disease. You can also make dietary and lifestyle changes to boost your heart health and lengthen your life.


    Further, this type of procedure is non-invasive and lets you find out if you have heart disease without undergoing surgery. It also provides you with reliable results that you and your doctors can use to formulate a plan of treatment if necessary.

    You can find out more about what a Digirad exam in California is and what it entails online. Reach out to Cardiac imaging, Inc. for more information.

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