The Latest 2020 Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry for You in Centerville, OH

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Remodeling

Trends for kitchen cabinetry in Centerville, OH reflect the fact that kitchens are part of the open living space that includes the living room and dining room. One trend that has been around for a while uses cabinetry to make the kitchen blend in better with the rest of the space. Open shelving looks more like bookcases, for example, and kitchen cabinets with glass inserts in the doors look like display cabinets.

Trendy Materials for Kitchen Cabinets

Stone countertops are popular but pairing them with a light-colored ash cabinet brings out the warmer tones in the stone. If you prefer darker woods, then fine-grained walnut offers a rich, warm look.

With increasing interest in living a green lifestyle, though, cabinets of rough-hewn, recycled woods, or prefabricated cabinets made of bamboo or recycled plastic bottles represent popular alternative choices

Pecky cypress is another popular choice. Its grainy texture offers the look of reclaimed wood.

Cerused wood is wood treated with colored pigments that allow the wood grain to show through. However, the effect looks best when the selected pigments complement the natural tone of the wood rather than contrasting with it.

Trendy Cabinetry Styles

Kitchen cabinets with sleek, simple lines, flat-panel doors, and few, if any, details in the design or the hardware blend well with a modern or contemporary décor. You can even hide your appliances and your range hood behind cabinetry. Push open cabinet doors and drawers with no handles, or doors and drawers with recessed handles complement this look. As an accent, recessed handles can be painted or stained in a color that contrasts with the wood used for the cabinetry.

Two-tone cabinets offer another option. Black and slate or black and greige follow the trend for all black kitchens while black and white or navy and white work together to create the tuxedo look.

For a rustic or farmhouse look, you’ll want wooden knob handles on the doors and drawers that are stained or painted to match your cabinets. You could have doors that use cutouts to suggest simple, tin punch designs such as four holes placed to suggest a diamond shape.

If you’re transitioning from one style to another, the neo-traditionalist look mixes vintage lighting fixtures and traditional cabinets with sleek backsplashes and countertops.

Choosing kitchen cabinetry with furniture-like feet adds a rich, custom look to the cabinets, and the style of the feet help the cabinetry to blend with the style of your room.

Unconventional materials can create a modern, contemporary, or vintage look. Leather on the sides of a kitchen island blends in with leather furniture while sheets of brass could lend themselves to a modern, contemporary, industrial, or steam punk look.

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