The Important Elements of Scandinavian Design

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Furniture

Scandinavian design has steadily gained popularity among homeowners. In many ways, this enduring trend from the 1950s was sparked by people’s desire for more comfort while veering away from the excesses of consumerism.

What makes Scandinavian design truly appealing and how can you successfully achieve it in your own home? In this post, we explore the most important elements of Scandinavian design that make it a worthwhile investment.

Functional but Welcoming

Most people tend to interchange Scandinavian design with minimalism. While the latter is often perceived as austere or even cold, Scandinavian design combines functionality with a warm and welcoming environment. This can be done by selecting sleek, superbly crafted Scandinavian furniture. This style is typically marked by gentle lines, subtle curves, and warm wood tones that maximize space and light.

More than just picking the right Scandinavian furniture, Scandinavian design also uses neutral tones like whites and grays accented by plush pinks, gray-blues, or other nature-inspired colors like sage. House plants, flowers, and other botanicals are also a feature of Scandinavian design, marrying the warmth of nature with the simplicity of modernism.

Less Is More

Scandinavian design also follows a “less is more” mindset. This is primarily seen in Scandinavian furniture as they’re crafted without embellishments while still keeping your belongings neatly organized. Many Scandinavian homes were small, which means that clutter should be kept to a bare minimum. Following this principle, many homeowners are encouraged to select only the most important belongings, decor, and furniture that are useful and stylish all at once. With Scandinavian design, you can achieve a space that is modern and energetic — without the chaos of clutter.

Harmony With “Hygge”

While Scandinavian furniture and designs celebrate functionality and simplicity, what sets them apart from monastic minimalism is the concept of hygge.

From the Danish word that roughly translates to “cozy togetherness,” harmonizing with hygge means tempering the inherent simplicity of Scandinavian design with softer and warmer textures like cozy blankets, soft rugs, candles, slippers, and the like. With these items, you can add a personal touch to your Scandinavian-inspired home and make it more inviting.

Simplicity With Style

It’s no wonder that Scandinavian furniture and design are being incorporated by more homeowners as they bring out the very best features of what makes a space cozy without the clutter. By keeping these important elements in mind, you can also achieve a Scandinavian-inspired home that promotes simplicity with style.

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