The Importance of Proper IAQ and Air Duct Cleaning in St. Charles

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Home Improvement

If you own a home, you have likely heard of the importance of indoor air quality, or IAQ, and air duct cleaning in St. Charles. Without proper cleaning of your duct system, air conditioner and furnace on a regular basis, you could be subjecting yourself and your family to harmful airborne illnesses, allergens and contaminants. The best way to ensure the safety of everyone is to find a reputable company to maintain your system for you. More than the Ducts Many people mistakenly think simply cleaning the air ducts will rid their home of harmful substances. Unfortunately, it’s these people who end up with mold, mildew, dust and debris in their homes. Simply cleaning the duct system only removes a little more than half of the harmful substances. It is necessary to clean your furnace and air conditioning unit as well. Every aspect of your heating and cooling system should be cleaned and sanitized to remove 100 percent of the contaminants. Vents A major part of ensuring proper IAQ and air duct cleaning in St. Charles is to clean and sanitize each vent in the home as well. This means more than taking them off and vacuuming the obvious dust and debris. A reputable company will thoroughly wash and sanitize each vent, taking the time to remove all debris, mold, pet dander and various other contaminants. Various Systems Since not all heating and air conditioning units are exactly the same, there are a variety of ways to thoroughly sanitize and clean them. The company you choose should offer a variety of methods properly clean your system. What works for one system might not work for another. Take the time to ensure the company you choose is familiar with your system and possesses the right equipment to clean it. Proper IAQ and air duct cleaning in St. Charles is only possible with the right equipment, staff and knowledge. Your home is where you are supposed to feel safe and secure; with lurking germs and contaminants possibly harming the health of yourself and your family, your safety is not ensured. Take the time to have your system cleaned annually and you will realize better health and easier breathing for everyone in your family. Even if your family does not suffer from allergies, chances are you suffer from various respiratory illnesses, such as coughs and colds, from time to time. Reduce those occurrences and improve the overall health of everyone with proper cleaning of your system. For more information about IAQ and air duct cleaning in St. Charles, visit The Mad Hatter.

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