The HD SDI DVR Can Enhance Your Security

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Electronics and Electrical

In addition to your top of the line security camera, your business or home needs an HD SDI DVR. This DVR differs from the DVR you use for your TV. It is used in conjunction with your security camera to record the footage that takes place wherever your security camera is installed. Most security DVR systems allow you to view from one to sixteen different cameras from one unit – allowing you to have the utmost security, whether at home or at your place of business. There is not a lot of heavy software or difficult to operate systems involved; all you need is your security camera and DVR. The main benefit of an HD SDI DVR is that you can remotely access the footage, either through a live feed or to rewind it and watch footage that already occurred. Just like your DVR for your television, you can rewind, pause and fast forward during any footage. This is a great solution for that time you need to get a closer look at something that is going on in your office or home. You can rewind and pause as many times as you need to in order to get the answers you need. Other benefits of an HD SDI DVR are the ability of it to control your camera or cameras remotely. If you wish to use motion detectors to turn the cameras on and off in order to save power, you can do this with your DVR. Because a DVR physically records the footage, you will have it for as long as you need it, rather than simply using a security camera that requires you to watch the live footage in order to see what you need. Having the footage also gives you further proof should you need it to press charges against a thief, whether in your home or office. An HD SDI DVR allows you to have the clearest footage possible, giving you the information you need to stop thieves from stealing your personal belongings or your pertinent information for your business. Using a DVR in conjunction with your security camera also allows you to schedule recordings so you can save even more power and disc space. If there is a certain time period that you feel is being threatened by thieves, you can set the recorder for that time period in order to narrow down what is happening at your home or office.

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