The essential burglar resistant tool in protecting your valuables at home

The country is in the thick of an economic mess and it is clearly seen by increasing unemployment. Many of the youth are unemployed, while some end up in low-paying jobs. It makes sense for someone who has practically nothing gamble on burglary to have a chance on having a good life. Nevertheless, some people would take any stealing opportunity if it appears clear and easy. Leaving your valuables unattended in the safety of your home or office is simply not good enough. The crisis is not going to end anytime soon, so it will be wise to invest in a safe that will protect your valuables. Safes and vaults are your best bets.

On the average, home burglars can spend only 6 minutes searching your home for any valuable possession worth stealing. Even when they know what to steal, you can’t expect them staying too long at your house. That is why the key to protecting your most valued items is by keeping them out of reach during the critical 6 minutes. If you can hide them longer, the better it will be.

Let’s look at hidden home safes that don’t typically look like the large safes and vaults you see in banks and shops. There are those that intend to be portable, hidden and easily-blended with the environment. There are safes that may be seen but can’t be easily stolen or broken into.

Here are some of the most practical safes:

Diversionary Safes

Diversion safes use the idea of hiding your valuables in common everyday items. This was widely used by cross-country spies in the past, hiding information in objects like screw drivers, soda cans, toothpaste tubes, and many similar items. It’s still very much useful today. The key to successfully hiding in a diversionary safe is by putting your object in its natural environment, like a book in a book case or tools in a tool box. Another example is a working candle safe that doubles as an actual lighted candle, while hiding items in the candle holder below.

Key Safes

The magnetic key safes hold several of your car, home and gate keys with you under the car. This convenient tool can carry five to six large keys and attaches it to rubber heads. It utilizes a strong double magnet that ensures it stays reliably in place.

Wall Safes

If you’re looking for a secure container that can’t be taken out of the house, then wall safes are your best bet. While it can be hidden behind furniture, appliances and paintings, wall safes securely attach to any wall with heavy duty bolts. Most wall safes hover around 20 inches in height, but the depth can range from as thin as 4 inches to as thick as 15 inches.

Fire and Burglary Proof Safes

If you want a heavy duty fireproof and burglary proof home safe, then you may sacrifice stealth for heaviness and immobility. The very imposing design will deter anyone from attempting to steal from this secure container. These safes can be bolted to the hard surfaces like cement and steel. In addition, safes built to withstand any kind of attack will be very heavy. The lightest can start at around 60 lbs.

Gun Safes

A special type of fire and burglary resistant container is safe for guns . Safes built especially for guns are designed to be long or tall. The smallest pistol safes can be easily hidden and accessed for emergencies. The largest gun safes can carry 39 guns and ammunition at most. While designs can be as typical as steel boxes, the stealthy designs can be better. Diversionary gun safes can come in a form of a mantel clock or a wall clock.

Buying a secure home burglary proof safe is an essential part of your home security plan to keep your valuables from desperate crooks. Inquire now for your ideal safe. Website