The Essential Air Conditioner Maintenance Guide

    Caring for Filter-Based Air Conditioners

    Unlike electrostatic systems, air conditioners which make use of filters are more common and popular these days. Pre-filters and plates are less expensive and require minimal to no replacement. However, the material is a lot less dense than with that of HEPA filters.

    HEPA filters are responsible for a more particulate way of ridding the air free of pollutants and other particles. These are designed so that the smallest of all pollutants are trapped permanently. This mechanism has become the very core of most filter-based air cleaners today. Consequently, these are a lot more expensive than the non-filter-based air cleaners. This is one reason why keeping the HEPA filters and the whole AC in top condition through proper maintenance and use is very important.

    Doing so will ensure that the machine will be functioning properly and will last longer. For the owner, this will mean more savings in the pocket, as well. As a response to this growing need, more manufacturers have integrated monitoring systems in their ACs. These systems act as reminders or alarms for the owner on when to replace, clean, or check up on the air cleaner. Otherwise, it is recommended that the owners keep track of the schedule themselves so that no maintenance or replacement date is forgotten. In the long run, proper air conditioner maintenance in New Jersey will pay off by avoiding bigger problems.

    Caring for Carbon Filters

    Carbon filters are also used in other types of air conditioners in New Jersey aside from the electrostatic ones. These filters are made up of activated carbon, which traps and/or absorbs odors and chemicals present in the air. There are various thicknesses and densities of carbon filters, depending on what they are designed for. typically, the larger and thicker they get, the higher the efficiency of air cleaning will be.

    As the carbon gets activated, it becomes porous – making small holes in the carbon. In these holes, the particles will be trapped. As the air cleaner sucks the air in and through the carbon filter, all impurities are absorbed by the activated carbon. With continued use through time, more and more impurities are trapped in these holes, filling them up. Eventually, they lose activity and henceforth, effectiveness. This is when replacement of the carbon filters is needed.

    In spite of the size of the carbon filter, maintaining it is a key factor to keeping the Air Conditioners in New Jersey in their best working condition. Thinner filters require more frequent changing than thicker ones. Replacement will also depend on how often the unit is used and on what kind of indoor environment there is. A place where people regularly smoke will require more frequent replacement (as the smoke saturates the filters faster) than will a place where there is no smoke.

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