The Difference between an End and Bottom Dump Trailer San Antonio
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The construction industry seems to be booming at all times. In this business there is always a need to transport materials such as stones, sand, ballast and the like from one location to the other. These are heavy materials and since most of the time they have to be transported over long distances it becomes important that one select the right trailer to deliver the goods. Other factors to consider can include the building site as well as what is to be hauled. In order to figure out which trailer works best you need to know the difference between an end dump trailer and a bottom dump trailer.

Depending on the strength of the steel used to build the bottom dump trailer it may or may not be able to haul extremely heavy material. Usually, the load that the truck can carry is dependent on the size as well as the number of axles that it has. Most are able to haul more than 30 tones. There are countries however, that have restrictions on the load per axle that can be allowed on the roads. You need to look into this when you are transporting building materials especially if you have to check into a weigh bridge somewhere along the way.

An end dump trailer basically has an inbuilt hydraulic system that enables it to lift up and then tip over its load in order to empty everything out in one fell swoop. This means that the work of unloading such a truck is minimal to say the least. It also reduces on labor costs, as one does not have to carry a crew to unload at the building site. A bottom dump trailer San Antonio on the other hand does not have a hydraulic system like the end dump trailer. Instead, the bottom of the truck is a door that opens in order to dump the contents held within.

The bottom dump trailer door opens up and empties everything out meaning that it too does not need much human labor in the offloading of the truck. The trailer remains stable during to process of offloading meaning that even if the surface was uneven, it would not be unstable or in danger of tipping over. Because many construction sites tend to be uneven this becomes a big advantage over the end dump trailers. Another advantage to consider when buying a bottom dump trailer San Antonio is that when you are working in a confined space or under a bridge, you do not have to worry about the height of the tub when raised. The bottom dump trailer simply opens up and dumps from the bottom. How’s that for efficiency and a slim fit!

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