The Best Thai Dishes in Austin, TX, That You’ll Want to Try Sometime

    The city of Austin is known for its many international cuisines, and the city’s Thai cuisine is a particular favorite among avid foodies. If you want to treat your taste buds while expanding your culinary horizons, you should try these best Thai dishes in Austin, TX, sometime.

    Ni Pad Thai
    This noodle dish consists of thin rice stick noodles that are stir-fried with eggs and bean sprouts. Sweet dill pickle radish and tofu with peanuts are added to enhance the flavoring.

    Panang Curry
    If you want something that’s hot and spicy, you can satisfy your appetite with this savory curry dish. Thai basil and creamy coconut milk are added to make the meal even tastier. The dish also features bell peppers and is served with Jasmine rice.

    Pad Broccoli
    This dish will likely give you a new appreciation of broccoli. You can choose to add a type of meat to the dish for some extra heartiness. Along with broccoli crown, carrots that are flavored with a special brown sauce are included to bring out even more flavor.

    Pad Ginger
    Cabbage, broccoli and sliced ginger along with an assortment of other vegetables are stir-fried together to make this dish. A special brown sauce and a side of Jasmine rice can also be added to make the meal complete.

    Trying these Thai dishes can be an excellent way to sample new foods that might make great additions to your daily eating. Thai Lada is known for offering many of the tastiest Thai dishes in Austin, TX, and you can browse the menu and order online by visiting

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