The Best Advice to Care for Artificial Turf With Modern Equipment

    Many people choose to install an artificial turf for its appearance and cost-effectiveness. Thus, if you take care of it right, artificial turf can be a great investment. You can do this by following some detailed steps to make sure the life of the turf lasts as long as possible. Use the following advice in combination with artificial turf maintenance equipment to do it right.

    Equipment is Key

    As with a natural lawn, artificial turf needs specific types of equipment. The most common types of artificial turf maintenance equipment include items such as groomers and sweepers. Fortunately, you won’t have to break out the lawnmower on a regular basis. Yet, these special tools will need to be used on a regular basis to have the most effect. The most important thing to remember is to keep the turf as clean as possible. This is where you would use a groomer, or a stiff brush to take off debris. You can also use an old-fashioned leaf blower to help clean the surface.

    The Cleaning Schedule

    It is important to create a regular schedule for the use of artificial turf maintenance equipment. It is best to perform maintenance at least once every three months. Of course, this interval will vary depending on the size of the turf and the use. You may need to experiment at first to find the right frequency of cleanings.

    Other Considerations

    Overall, tending to artificial turf is easier than dealing with grass. However, there are a couple of other things to keep in mind. Be sure to use weedicides to prevent undergrowth below. Also, make use of an enzyme cleaner to keep the turf smelling fresh and new.

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