The Benefits of Undergoing Supervised Ketamine Therapy in Denver, CO

    If you are suffering from depression or PTSD, you might be wondering how you can best cope with it, especially if you have already tried many different avenues already. Thankfully, there are ketamine therapies in Denver, CO that have proven efficacy. There are many benefits to using them.

    Chronic Pain

    Many people who suffer from extreme pain for long periods of time tend to go one of two ways. They either end up getting hooked on painkillers or avoid narcotics altogether because of the fear of addiction. However, when used as prescribed, ketamine does not pose a risk of addiction. This makes it a very popular solution for counseling services in Denver, CO.


    After taking ketamine for therapeutic purposes, you can expect it to work quite quickly. In fact, even after your body metabolizes the substance, it will continue to work within your body. Unlike typical antidepressants, you do not have to wait for the drug to build up in your system to feel its positive effects. This makes ketamine therapies in Denver, CO a great option for those who need quick relief.

    Few Side Effects

    When compared to traditional pharmaceuticals, ketamine has very few negative side effects. It is even used during surgeries because it does not raise blood pressure or heart rate. It can be used for a long period of time after being recommended by counseling services in Denver, CO.

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