The Benefits of Choosing Breast Lumpectomy Surgery in NJ

    When you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, one of the first courses of action may be to see a breast cancer doctor to determine the proper treatment for your particular cancer. The location, stage and type of cancer can all play a role in what treatment options are most likely to work best for you. One of the options many women have is breast lumpectomy surgery NJ to remove the cancerous area.
    Effective Treatment
    Lumpectomy surgery is one of the most effective treatments available. In fact, if you undergo a lumpectomy that comes back with clear margins and you undergo several weeks of radiation therapy, you have only a 10 to 15 percent chance of redeveloping breast cancer in the future. These are incredible odds! As long as you catch breast cancer in its early stages, this treatment is often your best option for success.
    Less Invasive
    Some women are so afraid of redeveloping breast cancer in the future they choose a mastectomy instead of breast lumpectomy surgery in NJ. While this may be a good option for some women, it carries a longer recovery time and can result in other issues. For instance, it is extremely difficult to remove all breast tissue, which means you can still get breast cancer in these tissues. If your doctor doesn’t think you are at a high risk for recurrence, a lumpectomy is a better option for many women.
    Minor Changes
    If you get a mastectomy instead of a lumpectomy, you have a higher chance of requiring reconstructive surgery or having to wear special clothing. With a lumpectomy, only the cancerous area is removed, leaving your breasts intact for the most part. If you need to have several areas removed or the area removed is larger, you may still require special clothing or reconstructive surgery, but it will be fairly minor in comparison.
    A breast cancer diagnosis can seem overwhelming, especially when you are approached with the variety of treatment options you have available to you. One of the most common treatment options for breast cancer in its early stages is breast lumpectomy surgery in NJ. This surgery is a highly effective treatment, especially when paired with radiation treatments, is less invasive than a full mastectomy and involves only minor changes to your appearance, many of which are unnoticeable without needing reconstructive surgery.
    To learn more about the benefits of choosing breast lumpectomy surgery in NJ as your treatment.

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