Storage Solutions in York, PA for Long-Time Married Couples Who Are Getting Divorced

    Storage solutions in York, PA help couples who are divorcing when at least one of them has to downsize by moving into a smaller place. Sometimes, they have to sell the family home and split the proceeds, leaving them both with the need to find a new place to live. Especially if they have been married for a long time and have a lot of belongings, renting self-storage may be necessary for a while.

    Downsizing the Residential Space

    If the spouses are nearing their senior years, one or both of them might decide to move to a 55+ retirement community. This person will have a spacious apartment but may not be able to fit everything he or she owns into the space or in storage space provided by the community. Self-service storage solutions in York, PA allow the person to go through belongings little by little, deciding what to keep.

    Long-Term Storage for Seasonal Items

    People who decide to downsize their living space may rent a unit long-term from a facility like A Better Rate Storage. This way, they can keep seasonal possessions there and only have them at the apartment when needed. Holiday decorations can be brought over late in the year and returned in January, for example. Some men and women like to keep their summer clothing in storage during the winter and then pack up coats, mittens, hats, and sweaters once spring arrives.

    A New Beginning

    Couples splitting up at least somewhat amicably generally find it easier to divide their belongings and agree on which item belongs to each person. Someone who is moving from a house to an apartment may not want to just let the other person take a lot of the belongings when they could go in storage instead.

    Life events that result in a need to rent self-storage are not always pleasant, but sometimes they can be a new beginning. That’s the case for married couples in middle-age or senior years who decide it’s time to split up. They may have been unhappy for a long time. Having a clean, safe place to store belongings helps during the transition.

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