St Thomas Destination Weddings

    Imagine your wedding on a Caribbean beach with gorgeous waves crashing in the background, birds chirping in the distance and lush, tropical plants surrounding you and your future spouse. As you walk in the pure white sand, you will be the picture of exquisite beauty in your wedding gown and bare feet. Whether you wish to have a wedding with just the two of you or a wedding that incorporates family and friends, there are St. Thomas cruise ship destination weddings that are perfect for every budget and taste. If your wedding destination is one in the Caribbean, St. Thomas is the perfect choice. You will sail to your destination on a luxurious cruise ship and embark at the St. Thomas port of call where your dream wedding awaits. With a ceremony and celebration planned for you, there is no need to stress about details, including flowers, decorations, photographs, transportation or anything else that comes along with planning a wedding. Your wedding coordinator will help you decide which of the St. Thomas cruise ship destination weddings are right for the wedding you desire. Your wedding coordinator will provide you with all of the minute details that are included in weddings, all with your consultation and input throughout the entire process. The difference in having a destination wedding is that you do not have to handle the details yourself; with your permission, your coordinator will handle it all for you. Just because you choose to get married at a destination other than home does not mean you have to be without everything that goes along with a wedding. You can still enjoy gorgeous tropical flower bouquets, an elegant wedding cake and a luxurious town car. The difference with St. Thomas cruise ship destination weddings is that you will be surrounded in the most luxurious environment that allows you to relax and unwind and have unbelievable memories for the rest of your life. St. Thomas cruise ship destination weddings offer a way to incorporate your wedding and honeymoon into one exquisite trip without any stress on your part. After your wedding, you embark right back on your cruise ship and enjoy the rest of the trip being served as a new husband and wife with exquisite dining, dancing and entertainment options. There is no where else in the world that you can experience such an exquisite wedding and honeymoon all in one. Keya’s Exquisite Touch offers state of the art wedding planning for your destination wedding. If your dream wedding takes place on a beach amidst the pure, white sand, contact Keya’s for the best St. Thomas cruise ship destination weddings planning services available. Visit them at website.

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