Solvent Recovery System Installations go High-Tech in Today’s Market

    Any workshop that works with substances designed to dissolve an outside solute needs a solvent recovery system in order to ensure that they collect the initial compounds for reuse. Depending on the exact type of solvents a company is working with, this kind of equipment can save a great deal of money. Those who work with potentially hazardous solvents might also be required to install a solvent recovery system in order to meet federal guidelines.

    That being said, it’s been relatively difficult to install these devices until fairly recently. Materials processing engineers have developed new ways of constructing these units, which has helped to drastically reduce the weight of them as well as enable specialists to install them in areas that would have otherwise lacked sufficient header space.

    Perhaps most impressively, these devices can now be controlled by an outside computer terminal. Over time, engineers are likely to exploit this fact to enable technicians to track the progress of a solvent recovery module by simply opening an app on a mobile device.

    While not all industries might require this level of flexibility, it should certainly prove helpful for those who might have otherwise been unable to control their installations without a bulky set of electrical switches that manipulate physical valves. Since these machines rely on fewer moving parts to get the job done, they also tend to break down less than older models would have.

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