Solar-Powered Pool Maintenance: What FL Homeowners Need to Know

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Uncategorized

Many homeowners in Florida relish having a pool in the backyard. The epitome of fun in the sun makes it easy for homeowners to relax in the water year-round. With the convenience of owning a pool comes the responsibility of regular pool maintenance. As Florida is the sunshine state, homeowners can make the most of this sunshine by harnessing its power using solar systems in Fort Myers, FL for pool maintenance.

Install Solar-Powered Pumps

Traditional pumps consume massive amounts of energy to keep the water filtered and circulating. Eco-minded homeowners can opt for a greener alternative by installing solar-powered pool pumps. With these pumps, homeowners use the sun’s energy to keep the water clear and clean.

These solar-powered pool pumps are environmentally friendly and cost-effective over time. Though the installation process of these solar systems in Fort Myers, FL comes with a higher upfront cost, the energy savings you’ll experience are well worth the investment.

Smart Pool Technology

Smart technology is revolutionizing the world of pool maintenance. With smart pool controllers, homeowners can easily monitor and control the pool’s functions remotely with the help of a smartphone or tablet. This type of technology is unique as it lets homeowners optimize energy usage as they care for their pool.

These controllers actively adjust the pool pump’s filtration schedules and run times according to real-time data like pool usage and weather conditions. With this smart technology, homeowners can also set the pool to energy-efficient modes, which allows for a reduction in energy consumption without affecting the pool’s water quality. To learn more, visit Advance Solar.

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