Situations That Require Tree Evaluation in Richmond, VA

Trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape. However, they can often experience problems that can lead to the need to treat or remove the tree. Before you decide to cut down your tree because of a problem, it is best to get a tree evaluation in Richmond, VA. Knowing when to call an arborist will ensure you get help when you need it to save your trees. Bad Weather Severe weather can wreak havoc on the trees on your property. Lightning can strike, breaking off branches and splitting trees. Wind can blow trees over or break off branches, especially if you have trees that have been weakened. After the storm has passed, you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of cleaning up the mess left behind. An arborist can come out to evaluate your trees to see if they can be salvaged or if they must be removed. Disease Diseases can strike just about any tree. Whether your tree is losing leaves prematurely, isn’t producing fruit or has peeling bark, it is important to get a tree evaluation in Richmond, VA, from a trained arborist. He will be able to tell you if your tree has been impacted by a disease and if so, how to resolve the issue. Some diseases can be treated, while others require removal. Bugs Some bugs can have a negative impact on the health of your trees. If you suspect there could be insects infesting your trees, you need a professional opinion. An arborist will have all the tools necessary to get rid of the bugs so your tree can become healthy again. If you wait until the problem is established, you could end up losing the tree instead. Don’t allow bugs to become a major problem for your trees, causing you to lose your beautiful landscaping. When you are experiencing problems with your trees, it is important to call on an arborist for a professional tree evaluation in Richmond, VA. Whether bad weather has recently blown through the area, causing problems with your trees, or you suspect your tree has been subjected to disease or bugs, you need someone who can tell you what the problem is and how to fix it. Arborists are experienced with trees, helping you reach the right resolution and giving you the proper tree service so you can enjoy your beautiful trees once more. To learn more about all the situations that require tree evaluation in Richmond VA, visit the R.L. Elliott Enterprises.