Signs You Need a Bedsore Lawyer in the Bronx, NY

    You entrust nursing homes and hospitals with your loved ones’ care but even the top facilities in the country are capable of providing subpar care in some situations. If your loved one has experienced bedsores or other medical complications due to their quality of care, it’s time to sit down with a bedsore lawyer in the Bronx, NY. The following will help you identify signs you should meet with a lawyer.

    Presence of Bedsores

    The development of bedsores is enough by itself to consider hiring a bedsore lawyer in the Bronx, NY. These sores typically only develop when a patient isn’t adjusted regularly to change their position and prevent pressure points for long periods. If your loved one has bedsores, chances are other areas of their care will be lacking as well.

    Changes in Behavior

    While changes in behavior are common among many conditions in the elderly population, significant, rapid changes in behavior aren’t something to ignore. While they could be normal signs of their condition, if it’s combined with bedsores, it may indicate a lack of care from their medical team. Talking to a bedsore lawyer in the Bronx, NY, can help you evaluate the situation from an outside perspective and decide if legal action is necessary.

    Other Unexplained Injuries

    A bedsore lawyer in the Bronx, NY, will work with more than just bedsore cases because they aren’t the only injury that could be a sign of medical neglect. When seniors are left to try to do things themselves, they may suffer from injuries they can’t explain. If the medical team dismisses your concerns or doesn’t have a valid explanation for what happened, a lawyer can guide you through your next steps.

    If you think you need a bedsore lawyer in the Bronx, NY, visit Sinel & Olesen, PLLC, to schedule an appointment with an experienced attorney.

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