Signs That You Need Falk Gearbox Repair

    A falk gear box is necessary to drive mixers used for processing in chemical industries. As these gearboxes age, they endure wear and tear, which requires maintenance. When they require maintenance and replacement, falk gearboxes leave many signs.


    Overheating is a major sign that you need the best falk gearbox repair. If a gearbox becomes unusually hot during regular processing, then there’s either an unexpected change in load or clogged-up lubricant. Overheating can be checked through bulk oil temperature or the housing surface. Leaving this excessive heat unchecked can cause the gearbox to fail.

    Loud Noise

    Falk gearboxes make a bit of noise under normal operation, but if the noise level increases, then it’s a sign that you need service or falk gearbox repair. Worn-out gears and bearings make these loud whining sounds. Measuring the frequency of sound can not only help you pinpoint the location but figure out how much damage and wear the unit has sustained.

    Excessive Vibration

    Excessive vibration is a more noticeable sign of your gearbox needing repairs. Unnatural shaking and visible vibrations indicate component wear and tear. Worn-out bearings are the main cause behind extra vibration. Pinpointing and fixing the issue early on means you can save on an expensive replacement of the entire unit.

    Oil Leak

    An oil leak is a major sign of falk gearbox failure. It often occurs due to a broken seal. Leaving a leaking gearbox as-is can cause the system to overheat excessively. Leaked oil may also cause contamination in the processing chemicals.

    Oil breakdown is different from this, and it occurs as a result of an overheated system. You should hire a professional technician to determine the internal wear level and percentage of lubricant contamination.

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