Serving Fresh Fish and Seafood in Oceanside, CA, Every Day

    Whether you are a local to the area or you’re here on vacation and want to experience the best seafood restaurant in Oceanside, CA, you’re sure to find a dish you’ll love on the menu at Pelly’s Fish Market & Café. Not only do we serve delicious meals in our seafood cafe, but we also cut fresh fish fillets every day and sell other seafood fares in our adjacent marketplace.

    Fresh Seafood Served Daily

    We know how off-putting it can be to order your favorite seafood dish at a restaurant only to receive it and know that it isn’t fresh as you take your first bite. Here at Pelly’s Fish Market & Café we receive deliveries every day and cut our fillets fresh in house, so you’ll never have to question whether or not a dish is fresh from our kitchen.

    You can order local favorite dishes like our cold or hot seafood sandwiches or elevated dishes like seafood cocktails and decadent chowders and soups that will make your mouth water.

    Recreate Your Favorite Recipes at Home

    If you have discovered a new seafood dish that you love, but you want to be able to recreate it at home for your family or friends, then be sure to stop at our fish market to gather the freshest ingredients in town and visit our website to discover recipes we know you’ll enjoy.

    Contact Pelly’s Fish Market & Café to learn more about our seafood restaurant in Oceanside, CA.

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