Seeking Help From A Danville Attorney When You’re Considering Bankruptcy

    Sometimes, your finances might not be exactly where they should be in order to pay for all of your monthly expenses. If you realize that you have tried every option possible and still see no way out, then consider meeting with Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys Danville VA offers who can help you turn your finances the other way. The following are a few details about what you might be able to expect when working with this kind of attorney.


    Once you begin to go over your finances and have decided to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy Attorneys Danville VA, you could talk to your attorney about discharges that can be filed on your behalf. This means that you would be released from the debt collection payments that are owed and that you would not be able to be contacted about the debts that you have.

    Taking Tests

    When you meet with Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys Danville VA offers, you’ll usually need to take various means tests in order to determine your income and monthly expenses. This information is then used to determine if you’re eligible to file for bankruptcy or if there is another option that would be better for your situation.

    Debts Not Allowed

    There are a few debts that aren’t allowed to be included when you file for bankruptcy. If you know that you owe any of these payments, then you might want to consult with an attorney and talk about other ways that you can make your payments or have the debts handled aside from filing as bankruptcy can follow you on your credit for several years.

    Contact Stephen E. Dunn, PLLC at visit us website for more details about filing for bankruptcy.

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