Searching for great BGA stencils shouldn’t mean a trip to North Korea!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, electricity wasn’t discovered overnight and there are some things which are impossible to find. Gold at good prices, apple products on their release date and the man in the moon spring to mind. Until recently you could also have added great deals on BGA STENCILS to the list but Eureka they do exist. Any aficionado will agree that quality and affordability are key components to buying BGA STENCILS, while safety also remains a vital concern. So how do you know what you are getting? Well the simplest way is to make sure your supplier is tried and trusted and ideally has a respected industry following. Years ago finding reliable, durable, and efficient BGA STENCILS required some research  but these days you really don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes or Colombo to find the right ones. As with anything you have to know where to go, and even more specifically what you are looking for. Uppermost in your mind must be safety and dependability. I have been on wild goose chases in the past but these days I prefer to leave chasing wildlife to the enthusiasts and spend my time getting what I need done. BGA STENCILS should not fall under the needle in the hay stack category but instead be available through a supplier you trust and one who provides the very best quality. I recall how my journey to find the right BGA STENCIL started about 10 years ago. I flew to Ecuador figuring a quest such as this should begin close to the center of the earth. After travelling through South and Central America, I headed to North Korea and then found myself detained. Silly me, Samsung headquarters are in the South. What was I thinking? After being miraculously rescued and upon my return home, I found myself Googling for other options.  Would you believe it, I discovered these stencils were available on line. Wow.  But who do you trust to buy from? I suppose the best answer is the company that seems to know the most about the product they are selling. I am lucky to report that the one I found was the right one and the right price. I discovered affordability and dependability all rolled into one. It really doesn’t take a trip to the moon or to North Korea for that matter but please be discerning. I was lucky and that’s why I am sharing this cautionary tale. Would you buy a used car from just anyone? Well if your computer means the earth to you then please apply the same discretion when it comes to parts and tools. BEST Inc.has developed its selection of PCB repair tools from its practical experience of rework, repairing and testing of PCBs. Offering great BGA Stencils. Solder net is a source you can trust.