Scrap metal Regulations that you should know about

    Scrap metal recycling in Connecticut is a profitable and efficient means of un-cluttering your home or business. You may want to consider recycling if you need to make room for new additions or clean out that garage for increased space efficiency by removing unused equipment or appliances. If you are contemplating selling your scrap metal in Connecticut, here are a few state regulations you need to be aware of before proceeding. Sellers must present a driver’s license or state ID card and sign a statement of ownership which authorizes them to sell the scrap metal presented to the purchaser. Along with this, they must sign a formal statement declaring that they have no metal theft convictions on their personal records. The recycling business has the responsibility of recording the vehicle license plate number of the seller. A record must be maintained that states the seller’s name and address along with the date of sale. In addition to all these requirements, an actual video or photograph must be made which actually records the transaction along with the material and license plate of vehicle. If an individual is trying to sell scrap wire, a statement describing the wire including where it was obtained must be added to this growing pile of paperwork. Sales tickets must have the actual initials of the clerk who handles the scrap metal transaction along with time and date including sale location. The seller must sign the sales ticket which must have two copies. One copy will be for the seller and the other kept by the buyer for a predetermined length of time.. Connecticut scrap metal law requires the buyer to report information on purchased vehicles to the NVMTIS. All materials purchased have a five day tag-and-hold policy. On-site record retention must be maintained for a period of not less than two years. These records may be audited at any time by law enforcement personnel. For telecommunication wire purchased, there is also a five day tag-and-hold requirement. The only waiver on this is when the material is purchased directly from a demolition agency or person who has previously segregated metals. It is against Connecticut scrap metal law to buy or sell particular items and law enforcement should be immediately notified if any of these are presented for sale. They include plaques, cannons, cannon balls, bronze statues, historical markers, bells, and fixtures for lighting, lamp posts or other similar architectural artifacts. Scrap metal recyclers in Connecticut are also limited on the purchase of beer kegs which must come directly from the manufacturer or distributor including a brewery which is licensed. Some counties have ordinances concerning propane tanks which prohibit purchase from anyone except a licensed dealer. Remember, these laws are implemented to inhibit those dishonest individuals who would work to illegally obtain and sell scrap metal which doesn’t actually belong to them.   After reviewing the many stringent requirements for the selling or buying of scrap metal Connecticut , you may be undecided about whether to proceed with the sale of your unwanted material. For further information check website domain 

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