Sciatica Irvine Experts Get the Job Done

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Health Care

If you frequently get a shooting pain that goes directly up your leg to your upper thigh and into your lower back and buttocks areas, sciatica may be present. Sciatica is widely considered to actually be a symptom and not an actual condition or disease. It travels up the leg that way because the sciatic nerve travels along that path and is compromised in some way. The pain can gradually increase, or it can come on suddenly and be devastating. This is the point where a proven sciatica Irvine expert should be contacted. Getting the Job Done Fortunately, sciatica Irvine experts address the actual source of the nerve problem using non-invasive and non-surgical techniques. Because sciatica generally is caused by a ranging list of conditions, from having a herniated disc to suffering from spinal stenosis to having piriformis syndrome, the problem must be addressed at the source rather than through pain medication. Pain medication often does nothing to improve the condition of those suffering from sciatica, so experts instead concentrate their experience on finding solutions to these conditions. Advanced Technologies Fortunately, sciatica Irvine experts that steer clear of surgical solutions have kept up to date on the most advanced techniques utilized by spinal professionals across the nation in treating this painful condition. They attend conferences, take seminars and learn the various methods utilized to help improve the sciatic conditions of their own patients. Through their consistent training, the newest advancements and the most cutting-edge techniques are employed at the practices run by these spinal professionals. By using techniques like ultrasound to address the problem and actually correct it, they help patients avoid the need for surgery while eliminating their pain almost immediately at the same time. Preventing Future Pain As they work hand in hand with patients to address these problems and come up with solutions, experts also take great care to help these patients understand how best to prevent sciatica from arising again down the road. They tell patients about the proper lifting techniques that must be employed to avoid pinching nerves or damaging them, and they advise regular exercise to help stimulate muscles and nerves and keep bodies functioning at optimal levels. They do not prescribe them pain medication, because they know this will only exacerbate the problem. It may offer temporary relief, but non-surgical experts know that this relief is very short due to sciatica’s intense pain. Suffering from sciatica in Irvine? Get it checked out by Orange County Spine Professionals. Visit for more information. 

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