Safety Tips For Rafting In Colorado
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If you are going white water rafting in Colorado for the first time, there are some things that you will need to know. Perhaps you have some questions regarding your trip, or maybe you just want to get out there and have fun and not worry about the details. One thing that you might want to pay attention to are some safety tips that will keep you protected while you are on your trip.

The very first safety tip is to always wear a life vest. Many rafting companies will provide the safety vest for you because they will have a certain type of vest that they require you to wear while on their run. You might feel hot with the vest on, and perhaps a little uncomfortable, but the vest is there to literally save your life if you were to fall into the water. You might feel like taking it off because of the discomfort, but that could result in injury or even death. Even if you fell in slow moving water, there is a chance that you could get hurt or get swept under a fast moving undercurrent. Keep your life vest on your body the entire time you are on the raft or in the water.

Wearing water shoes is another safety tip that will keep your feet from getting hurt when you are rafting in Colorado. Whether you are getting into the raft, or getting out of the raft, water shoes can protect your feet from sharp rocks or other objects that might be in the water. Water shoes will often have just the right amount of grip on the sole so that you will not slip as much as you are walking on the rocks in the river.

Keeping your paddle down is another safety tip that you might want to pay attention to. Many people start to get excited, and whether it is good or bad excitement, they tend to lift their paddles and hit the other people in the raft. Not only might you hit someone else, but you could hit yourself as well. Keeping your paddle down at all times is also a safety tip because it will help you to have more control, leading you and your group to safe water.

Never go white water rafting in Colorado by yourself. Whether you have a group of four people, or if you think you want to be the sole person in the raft, you should also have another raft do the run with you. Having more than one person in the raft is the best way for you to stay safe in your raft, and having a second raft is a good idea so that if something happens to either raft, the other people can go for help.

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