Results That Really Work

Unlike crash diets and fad workouts that promise little more than rapid weight loss, certain tried and true laws about nutrition and exercise have endured for generations. Among others, the following are fitness philosophies guaranteed to see results:

Seek Support

While it may seem courageous to go it alone, very few hurdles in life are more easily achieved by flying solo. Whether you choose to join a workout group or simply share your story with others, opening up the lines of communication will both validate your goals and help you achieve them. When it comes to joining a gym, you are likely to find a compassionate community of like-minded individuals who know what it’s like to be in your shoes, providing a source of energy and encouragement to propel your own weight loss journey even farther.

Trust the Professionals

In addition to the customized program and compassionate support that you will receive from a certified team of professionals, fitness instructors and nutritional coaches alike will help hold you accountable to your weight loss goals. Learn how to use equipment safely and grocery shop smartly with the experienced guidance of those who understand what it takes to achieve success.

Exercise Vigorously

Frequent low-intensity exercise may help to boost your mood, but only a high-octane workout will burn fat and tone muscle for results that last. Alternate between targeted exercises and whole-body workouts to keep your muscle memory on its toes (not to mention as a means to incorporate a bit of fun into your regimen!). Whether you participate in trainer-facilitated classes or join a community sports league, your willingness to hustle will have a direct impact on the results that you see in the mirror and feel in your mood.

With a national reputation for excellence and efficacy, THE MAX Challenge of Warrington is proud to offer its scientifically-proven program of fitness, nutrition, and motivation to the citizens and community of Warrington, Pennsylvania. Whether you are a chronic crash dieter or new to the weight loss scene, we invite you to stop in or give us a call to learn more about how our life-changing program works.

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