Responsibilities to the Consumer for Construction Contractors in San Antonio

Horror stories abound about construction contractors in San Antonio who did not do the job right but walked away with the money. Consumers beware is too often a rule to live by. So what are the responsibilities of the construction contractors to the consumer? How can they be sure the work is done correctly, in the time frame that was agreed upon and according to the specs the consumer laid out?
The construction contractors in San Antonio must have a contract so everything is in writing. This includes the exact specs of the job. It is easy to forget things, particularly when the construction crew may be working two or three jobs at the same time. If there is not a contract with everything on it, something could be forgotten.
One problem consumers have with contractors is a miscommunication on the price of the job. If there is a range in price because of some uncertainty on the amount of supplies needed or the amount of time it will take to complete, that range must be written out clearly, and the consumer should have a copy, as well as the contractor.
Competent Contractors
No matter how clear and exact the contract is, if the construction contractors in San Antonio do not understand how to follow directions and how to do the work needed, the contract is meaningless. Construction contractors will be licensed in the particular work they are performing. The consumer can find out some of their history on their webpage and even by speaking with other consumers who have had work done by them.
Everyone needs to be diligent in their homework so the work is done properly and in a timely fashion. Since all these items will be in the contract, there should be no questions by either party.
The third aspect of the efficiency of construction contractors in San Antonio in completing the project is to keep in continual communication with the consumer. There will be insurance against little or big slip ups or misunderstandings. If at some point the homeowner adds to the job, that point has to be re-contracted and added to the original contract.
Communicating with the homeowner is a better way to erase any questions that arise in the process of the construction. A 10 minute conversation can save a $1000 mistake.
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