Regaining Your Mobility with a Lift Ramp

We all hope to be the picture of health and mobility for our entire lives. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible. You or a loved one may become incapacitated through an accident or the process of aging. When the unthinkable happens it can leave you with some difficult choices. Those who are not able to have modifications made to their homes may be forced to live in a nursing home or assisted living facility. For the others, Handicap Lifts & Ramps can be a means of staying at home.

There are a myriad of ramps available to assist with maintaining your way of life after an accident or loss of mobility. There are stationary ramps and Lift Ramp available. Stationary ramps are built or placed where they are needed. Examples may include a ramp into and out of the home, a ramp placed over existing stairs to make them accessible, threshold ramps, or motorized lift ramps used in vehicles or even pools. Chair lifts are available to help you comfortably up the stairs. There are options to suit any need.

When you find yourself in need of these assistive devices, often you will be able to receive guidance from a health care professional. Oftentimes people are patients in a rehabilitation center, nursing home or assisted living facility before they transition back home. Some centers will send a staff member to the home to take measurements and make recommendations as to what will be required to maintain their previous standard of living. In some cases, you or your loved one will be unable to return home until these conditions have been met. This is largely for safety and it is vital that you follow the advice of your health care professional.

Some of the recommended devices or ramps may require extensive installation as in the case of a stationary ramp built onto your home or a motorized chair lift that will carry you up the stairs. Other recommendations will be easier to attain, as in the case of portable ramps or threshold ramps. S&S Products, Inc. company offers installation services for their products and adequate instruction for use. Allow these companies to set your mind at ease and help you get back to your life.