Reasons to hire Asbestos Removal Contractors

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Business

Asbestos is known to cause various serious health conditions, particularly a fatal lung disease called mesothelioma. And because of the clear danger that this substance poses, the federal government has enacted a law that bans most asbestos containing products. These include a variety of construction materials such as rollboards, flooring felts, ductwork connectors, patching plaster and fiber, textured coating and paint, wall and ceiling sheets, welding materials, and so on. Although this harmful substance has been banned as early as the 80’s, older homes and buildings may not be free from asbestos. In fact, exposure to this carcinogenic material is a constant threat to everyone. You may not know it, your home or office may actually have asbestos in it. Considering the serious health risks associated with this substance, health experts recommend Asbestos Removal in NY. Asbestos abatement and removal is done to avoid the potential dangers posed by this substance. In general, asbestos abatement contractors follow a process to safely remove or cover up the asbestos. First of all, the area to be treated needs to be tested for asbestos. If the home or building is negative for this substance, there is no need to tear it down apart. On the other hand, if the place is found positive for asbestos, it should be thoroughly scoured and cleared of the dangerous substance. Careful inspection is done so that nothing is left unchecked. However, it is important to note that not all traditionally made materials actually contain asbestos. As a matter of fact, even some materials that contain asbestos may be left untouched if there is no threat of dispersing the fibers. Generally, the abatement and removal of asbestos should occur when there are no people in the building. Occupants may need to be temporarily relocated to avoid exposure to asbestos. After the area is cleared of people, it should be securely sealed off to avoid spreading the asbestos. All possible exhaust points are sealed off with duct tape and film. Special machines are also used to achieve negative air pressure and to ensure complete security. This guarantees that asbestos-filled air stays within the treated area. Asbestos Removal contractors in NY use different techniques to clear off this material. Normally, they would scrape it off the surface and then replace it with an asbestos-free material. Sometimes they would just cover or patch it up with a special substance, especially if removal can pose danger to the workers. The method that they use depends on the specific circumstances present. After the asbestos removal or abatement, a special machine is used to vacuum up all the fibers, dust and debris that contain asbestos. They ensure that nothing harmful is left after the asbestos removal process is completed. These contractors are well trained, experienced and have the necessary machines to ensure their personal safety, as well as that of their clients. When you are seeking for services related to asbestos removal NY area, you should visit United Environmental Safety. They offer efficient asbestos removal services for both residential and commercial buildings.

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