Real estate management in Clackamas is vitally important

by | Sep 12, 2013 | Real Estate

Keen investors have been taking advantage of the number of properties that are on the market at very attractive prices.  Many of these properties have been foreclosed upon; others are properties which have fallen in value, and their current mortgage far outstrips the current value. If you are new to income property investing, you may not yet realize the work involved in management of the asset. Very few people make investments without the assistance and guidance of professionals.  Having effective real estate management in Clackamas is equally demanding of professional attention.

New entrants to property investing may suffer under the impression that driving by once a month, picking up the rent check, and having a quick view of the property is all that is required.  If this is the case, you are mistaken.  In truth, property management is complex; there are many different skills involved, and multi-tasking is a way of life.  Problems do not arise just when it is convenient to the owner or manager.  Problems can and do arise at any time of the day or night, and they must be attended to.  Some are of an emergency nature and have to be corrected immediately.  As an owner, do you really want to take over this responsibility?  There is much more than just collecting the rent.  If the property becomes vacant, you want it filled as soon as possible; this takes marketing.  Effective real estate management in Clackamas entails skilled tenant interview techniques, maintenance, repair, inspections, financial reporting, legal compliance, and possible evictions.  With undue attention to these issues, your investment yield will be less than it can be.

Key considerations when investing in property

Like most businesses, there are two core issues:  maximize the income and minimize the expenses.  To maximize the income, the unit must be occupied by quality tenants.  To minimize the expenses, you are well advised to work with professional property managers.  Like it or not, there are many expenses that are necessary.  There are also necessary expenses that can be kept to a minimum through prudent management practices.  Through their contacts, professional management can provide necessary services such as lawn care, waste collection, tradesmen, and other needed services at a negotiated lower price; the savings pass on to the owner as additional income.

Professional property managers have years of experience behind them with a well established set of procedures and supporting documents.  By using experience and taking a proactive approach to minimizing expense and maximizing revenue, you can be in a position to avoid errors that can be expensive.

As an owner you will want to be kept abreast of the performance of your investment.  Today, sophisticated property managers offer their owner/clients a web portal where all pertinent information can be accessed at any time from any location.

Real estate management in Clackamas WA is best left to the best in the business.  The best is Real Property Management – Oregon’s Finest.  Contact them today at 503-850-4508.

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