Questions You Should Ask Your Roofing Contractor in Lake Zurich

    Whether you want to install a new roof, replace an old one, or conduct repairs, interviewing your potential roofing contractor near Lake Zurich is essential. Asking the right questions helps you determine whether they fit your needs and budget well.

    Are they insured, licensed, and bonded?

    Having the proper and updated licenses means the contractors have met all the state and local requirements to run the business. Being bonded means the bond company covers you if the contractors are unethical or deliver sub-standard or bad results. Finally, your contractor should have auto insurance for all their work vehicles, employee compensation, and general liability insurance.

    How long have they been operational?

    The business’ duration of offering roofing services tells a lot about how much experience they have. It also determines the price because younger companies tend to be cheaper. You should also ask the average number of clients they serve monthly and how many they have served with similar requirements and budgets as you.

    Is the business local?

    Knowing where the contractor’s physical office is gives you peace of mind because you can easily find them in case of anything. Local businesses also understand the requirements, codes, and regulations, plus the required paperwork.

    What is their process?

    Understanding a roofing contractor’s process helps you create a schedule where you will not be in their way as they work. It also helps you understand how long the project will take.

    What is their workmanship warranty?

    A reputable roofing contractor in Lake Zurich will offer you a warranty for their materials and services. Consider how long the warranty is and what it covers.

    Can you get references?

    Ask your contractor to give you references from clients they served in the previous three to six months. That helps you understand their service quality and what to expect.

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