Questions To Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist During Your First Appointment In Elk Grove Village

    Congratulations! You have finally made up your mind about enhancing your smile and even made an appointment with one of your cosmetic dentists. The appointment is the initial step towards a better smile to make you feel more confident. But before you show up for the consultation session, you ought to have a list of things you would need the dentist to straighten up for you. This piece will guide you in preparation for the first appointment with the dentist.

    Are you a certified cosmetic dentist?

    Every cosmetic dentist in Elk Grove Village should have papers showing their certification and licenses. Your dentist should feature as a licensed practitioner in the state board lists that indicate their level of qualifications and professionalism.

    What procedures do you recommend for my condition?

    You have probably done your research and have a few clues on what procedures to undertake to achieve your desired smile. However, your cosmetic dentist in Elk Grove Village should take you deeper into detail about all the recommended treatments for your case. This shows you how knowledgeable your dentist is.

    What are the estimated costs? Is financing available?

    Asking this question helps you determine if the procedure fits your budget. The financing options enable you to prepare for the payments of the treatment should you choose the cosmetic dentist in Elk Grove Village.

    Let’s get you started by requesting an appointment at Dr. Brian Homann, DDS or Alternatively, you could call us. We strive to help our clients to the best of our abilities.

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