Questions to Ask about Auto glass in Washington, DC

    When a motorist gets a crack or other damage in a windshield or other vehicle windows, they need to have a repair or replacement quickly. However, before hiring a repair technician for Auto glass in Washington, DC, be sure to ask the following questions to make the right choice.

    Will Insurance Cover This?

    While most of these questions need to be asked of the auto glass company, this question will be best asked of the insurance company rather than the repair technician. Quite often, windshield or window damage is covered by a motorist’s auto insurance. If it is covered, be sure to follow any insurance requirements to have the work covered.

    What Certifications Does the Company Hold?

    This is an important one. Look for a company with more than just experience. Find one that has the proper credentials and training for the job. Do the individual contractors hold auto glass certifications? What is their level of experience? Look for a company with a solid track record demonstrated by years in the industry.

    Do They Offer Mobile Repairs?

    Bringing a vehicle to a repair shop is not always convenient or safe. Many reputable auto glass repair companies offer mobile repairs. They will come to the vehicle in a parking structure or at the motorist’s home to repair the glass. Mobile repairs are not a necessity when it comes to selecting a repair company, but it’s certainly a perk to consider.

    Is the Glass Original or Aftermarket?

    Not all glass is created equal. Ask if the replacement glass will match the original OEM specifications or if they are using aftermarket products. Consider which product will be the best overall value rather than merely looking for the lowest price.

    Do They Offer a Warranty?

    Consumers should expect a company to stand behind their work and offer a warranty on repair and replacement work. Be sure to discuss the terms of their warranty ahead of time to understand what is and is not covered.

    Final Thoughts

    Asking the right questions ahead of time helps individuals know they are hiring a dependable and skilled auto glass technician. For additional questions about Auto glass in Washington DC, contact Beltway Auto & Plate Glass.

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