Protein is Essential to a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle in Philadelphia

    Protein is the basic building block of your body; adequate daily protein is essential for building bone and muscle, but it also maintains cell health.

    Here are the five main reasons why you need to get plenty of protein every day:

    • Protein is a vital building block of your muscles bones, skin, hair, nails, and cartilage.
    • Your body uses protein to build and repair cellular tissue.
    • The proteins in your red blood cells carry vital oxygen throughout the body.
    • Nearly half of the protein in your diet goes into making enzymes; enzymes help to digest food, as well as making new cells.
    • Protein plays a role in hormone regulation, especially during puberty.

    Getting enough protein will help you recover from injuries faster, as well as help you to build muscle and maintain a healthy weight.

    However, getting quality protein in your diet every day can be a challenge. This is especially true for vegetarians and vegans. The good news is, whey and vegetable-based protein powders, such as Herbalife Protein Powder, can be easily added to shakes and smoothies for a quick boost of protein.

    While meat, fish, and eggs are the first protein sources that come to mind, other good sources of protein also include dairy products, nuts, beans, and lentils. Likewise, oatmeal and quinoa have a good amount of protein. Just a few smart choices can boost your daily protein substantially.

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