Practical Repairs to Prevent the Buildup of Stormwater in Your Home

    Heavy precipitation can wreak havoc on your home. You need this water to run off the roof and onto the ground. However, if you fail to keep your home’s plumbing fixtures in good repair, you could find yourself dealing with flooding.

    Rather than face this complex challenge alone, you can hire contractors who specialize in stormwater management in Washington, DC. These professionals can make your home more resistant to heavy precipitation throughout the year.

    Cleaning Out Exterior Pipes

    The ability for your home to drain away excess water depends on the cleanliness and openness of its exterior pipes. When the pipes running off of your home become clogged, they cannot drain away rain and melted snow. The water will remain pooled on your rooftop or on the ground around your foundation.

    When you hire contractors who work in stormwater management in Washington, DC, you can have the exterior drains cleaned out thoroughly. They can remove debris like dirt and leaves that can fall into the pipes and cause clogs. The drains will work better the next time that it rains or snows.

    Cleaning Out the Sewers

    The sewers around your home also are critical to the safety and integrity of your home. The sewers need to be kept open in order for stormwater to drain away from your property. If the sewers are clogged, the water will remain pooled in your yard and driveway.

    Eventually, the water will make its way into your basement or crawlspace. Once it is inside your home, it can invite problems like mold and mildew growth.

    You can find out more about stormwater management and drain and sewer cleaning services online. Contact Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling at website page to get a quote for services or to schedule a service appointment with a tech today.

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