Polyester Powder Coating – Thermoplastic and Thermoset

    Many types of powder coating products can help provide protection to steel and other metals against the damaging effects of corrosive activity. A number of manufacturers understand the destructive and debilitating effect of corrosion on metal surfaces. Commercial distributors of metal coating products provide powerful coding solutions for machinery components. One of the most commonly used metal finishes in the United States is polyester powder coating.

    Major Types of Polyester Powder Coatings
    Thermoplastic and thermoset are two of the major forms of powder coating applications. Thermosetting coatings did not devolve back into the liquid state when reheated – they have significant heat stability. Four different generic resins derived these powders, including polyester, fluoropolymer, epoxy, and acrylic. When subjected to heat, thermoset powder coatings such as polyester melt. After this occurs, they can be cross-linked chemically with other reactive components. The resulting cured coating has an altered chemical structure from what is found in the basic resin.

    A number of different chemical combinations are used by polyester powder coating in order to produce various products. These include super durable polyester, polyester hybrids, polyester/TGSC, and polyester/TGSC-free.

    The Application Process
    Polyester powder coatings are manufactured for use on metals. Based on the formulation of these coatings, they can be used on steel that has been cleaned. Utilizing air assisted electrostatic powder spray gun, the power supplied to the metal surfaces. The uniform dry film coating is able to provide outstanding surface coverage. The curing process occurs as well and colors may also be coordinated among different batches.

    The industries that can benefit from polyester powder coating include construction, railways, automotive, HVAC, household appliances, and agricultural farming. The toxicity of the product is reduced based on the fact that the coatings do not require a chemical solvent as part of their formulation. This also reduces the costs of complying with safety regulations regards to the disposal of chemical solvents.

    If you are in the market that take advantage of the services offered by a reliable metal plating and coatings supplier, get in touch of the company with the right track record in years of experience in the industry. Such a metal cutting provider can deliver outstanding work on your behalf for the protection of your surfaces.

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