Perfect Honeymoons in Italy

Italy naturally makes the perfect honeymoon with its incredibly rich history, gorgeous architecture and unmatched cuisine. Whether newly married couples desire a honeymoon filled with educational and enlightening activities or a honeymoon filled with days on the beach and nights in romantic restaurants, you can find it all with honeymoons in Italy.

Historic Romance

With an incredible history, Italy offers amazing opportunities for newly married couples. Take in the sights of the incredible history of Rome by visiting St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the Forum and the Colosseum. Newlyweds who love art and its history should also spend part of their honeymoon in Tuscany, where they can wander through the incredible art galleries that feature the works of Michelangelo and Da Vinci. In Sicily, couples will find incredible romance hiking up Mount Etna hand in hand, or braving a romantic helicopter ride together over the romantic volcanic island.

Architectural Designs

Italy is also known for its rich architectural designs. Newlyweds will find architecture in churches and chapels, such as those in Rome. They will also find the rare designs, such as the Coliseum that was originally built for sporting events, which offer a mesmerizing look at Italian architecture. In Sicily, couples can take in the amazing architecture of Palermo, while experiencing incredible culture at the same time.

Relaxing Beaches

It is only natural that honeymoons in Italy incorporate beaches, romance and relaxation. With a wide variety of private and public beaches to choose from, couples will find everything they desire for their honeymoon. Spending days lying on the beach while gazing at the amazing scenery that surrounds Italy and nights at delectable restaurants that offer the perfect combination of romance and exquisite dining offers honeymooners a little bit of everything. Outdoor Fun If you and your new spouse long for outdoor activity with a little adventure, Italy offers plenty of opportunities for that as well. Hiking through the Italian Alps and bicycling through the countryside, as well as windsurfing and sailing are all popular pastimes in Italy.

Honeymoons in Italy are easy to plan for any type of couple. Whether your ideal honeymoon plans include relaxation for the entire duration or you want to fit in time for sightseeing and outdoor activities, Italy will provide it all for you, along with the natural romance of the country, making honeymoons in Italy an exquisite choice.