Options For Displaying Linen Napkins

by | Sep 5, 2022 | Shopping

Many people assume that linen napkins are complicated and that they have to be presented in elaborate presentations that are complicated and time-consuming to complete. While there are some very complicated folding patterns for napkins, you will find some very simple and easy ways to make an elegant display even if you choose not to fold.

Napkin Rings

One of the easiest ways to display linen napkins on a place setting is to use a napkin ring. These are typically smaller to larger short, tube-like designs that hold the napkin in a variety of different styles.

A simple option is to unfold the napkin and pick it up between your thumb and finger in the very middle, allowing the four corners to hang down. Then, simply slide the napkin ring over the point you are holding and place it across the dinner plate.

To create a fan-like look, loosely fold the napkin into an accordion shape and slide the napkin ring to the middle. Place it down on a flat surface and spread out either end in a fan-like shape for a more modern look.

Sash Buckles

Sash buckles or sash pins can also be used to hold linen napkins. Use the same technique as above, picking up the middle of the napkin in the center and allowing the ends to hang down.

The sash buckle has a pin across the back, just unhook this and slide the front of the buckle into position, using the pin to clasp the back and attaching the clip to hold it in place.

Of course, if you would like to fold the napkin, here are a variety of different styles and designs to consider. For any of the folded designs that require the napkin to stand up, consider using polyester napkins that are made of a firmer fabric that is easier to work with and will keep its shape.

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