Office Partitions Are a Great Space Solution

by | Mar 19, 2013 | General

Your employees need to focus, but contemporary cubicles are often isolating and have a less than pleasing aesthetic. Breaking down the cubicles for an open office can be distracting and detract from the sense of personal space that helps most employees in office environments to thrive. An alternative solution is to use professional quality office partitions to break up space and give your employees the privacy they need without enclosing them within the confining space of a cubicle.

Office partitions are great solutions because they are not permanent, but they often afford the privacy – both in terms of space and sound – that is a feature of stud walls. Re-organization due to office changes or growth can still easily be implemented as the company grows and changes. Moreover, you do not need to contact the owner of the building or get special permits to put up temporary office partitions.

Once you decide to improve the work environment for your employees in the interest of keeping them from the kinds of distractions that occur in open office space (and that usually continue to happen in cubicles), you will need to consider what kind of office partitions to purchase. There are many different styles and kinds of material available from which to choose.

Many contemporary offices use glass partitions because they keep the office space looking open, and allow ambient light from outside to filter into the room. This is far more pleasing than the possibility of feeling stuffed in an enclosed and windowless room. Supervisors can also keep a surreptitious eye on employees without disturbing work flow, or at least give the impression that they are doing so. Plus, it is far more difficult to interrupt private meetings when you can see through the wall.

On the other hand, stylized glass—from milky and laminated to smoked, frosted, and even black—may offer a stylistic distinction and give added privacy to working space. As far as style is concerned, office partitions can by stylized in colors and a décor that match a corporate or company scheme, or kept at minimal levels.

Unlike temporary screens that only block visual stimuli but do nothing to block out sound, a more durable office partition made with aluminum framing can greatly improve office dynamics if implemented well. Not only will employees appreciate having their own space in order to focus better, but the difference a better aesthetic makes in an office can have a surprisingly positive effect on morale.

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