Nissan Murano: A Better Crossover for Today’s Lifestyle in South Holland

    The difference between just good and greatness is the difference between just fitting in and making a standout impression. And the premium 5-passenger Nissan Murano crossover doesn’t just rely on looks to make an impression. It backs it up with the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive mobility available feature and Apple CarPlay connectivity.

    Technology That Keeps a Look-Out

    Every day on the road isn’t without the sense of safety and confidence that comes with Safety Shield 360 surrounding features. The Nissan Murano in South Holland also monitors the space directly behind the vehicle with rear automatic braking. And the intelligent cruise control as an available feature de-stresses highway driving by automatically monitoring traffic.

    An Oasis of Serenity

    The Nissan Murano in South Holland has the room to do more work with a cargo capacity of 67 cubic feet. In addition, intelligent climate control that engages with a remote start pre-adjusts the interior temperature. And the memory-system available feature keeps driver seating, steering wheel and side mirrors right where they’re needed.

    Connectivity at a Personal Level

    Touch-screen interactivity keeps road travel connected with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Access Nissan Connect. Eleven Bose Premium speakers create an audio environment with full depth of range in the Nissan Murano. And Bluetooth compatibility enables voice-activated hands-free access to maps, contacts and even calls and texts.

    Moving at the Speed of Life

    With as much as 28 MPG on the highway, the Nissan Murano in South Holland is an SUV with efficiency, ready for the next adventure. The all-wheel-drive available feature with front-wheel and rear-wheel power transfer enhances cornering capability. And with a 3.5-liter V6 engine and Xtronic continuously variable transmission, the Nissan Murano has the power to get out of tight spaces.

    Key Specs include:

    • 3.5-liter, 24-valve, dual overhead camshaft V6 engine
    • Automatic pedestrian detection and emergency braking
    • Aluminum-alloy, machine-finished wheels
    • Android Auto
    • Integrated Apple CarPlay

    To learn more about how the Nissan Murano is a better crossover, contact 94 Nissan Of South Holland at 1-800-982-0302 or online at today.

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